किराँत ईतिहास

सपुर्ण किराँत जातिको उत्पती देखि लिम्बुवानको उत्पती अनी लिम्बु र लिम्बुवान कसरी नाम रहन गयो, लिम्बु हरुले लिम्बुवानमा कति समय सम्म राज गरे अनी कसरी गोरखाको राजा पृथ्वी नारायणले लिम्बुवान राज्यलाई संधी मार्फत नेपालको सहराज्यको रुपमा स्थापित गर्‍यो । त्यसपछी के कति उतार चढाउ आयो सम्पुर्ण ईतिहास पढ्नुहोस कृपया सम्पुर्ण ईतिहास पढ्नको लागि तलको लिंकमा क्लिक गर्नुहोस । सेवारो

यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस….



  1. Historically, so called limbuwan was annexed during the rule of Rana B. Shah with the Gorkhali military campaign by Damodar pandey, Kehar Singh Basnyat, Shivram Singh Khatri and Purna Singh Ale magar. The hilly part of Ilam and taplejung belonged to Sikkim while the terrain parts like morang and Jhapa were under Makawanpur- Sen kingdom. If Limbus had their own kingdom why they have less population, even lesser than Damais???

  2. A noble work ! But has few flaws, as per my quick scanning through it. Khatri is a mongrel between a Brahmin man and a Khas woman. A child of Tamang woman and a khas or thakuri man will be a chhetri itself but not a Tamang. However, even a child of a Bahun man and janajati woman belongs to Thimse chhetri class.

    I am also an eager reader of history. The kushan empire mentioned in this document belonged to Kus or Khas people. (Kus=kushan, khas = Khasan). The word khas is transliteration of kus. The kushan shahi kings were buddhism follower from 1st to 5th century but after that until 10th century they adopted hinduism. The budhha statue of Bamiyan which Taliban destroyed some 10 years back was erected during those buddhism era. Once this empire extended upto Kaligandaki in the east including kashmir, south western tibet, karnali and Bheri basin of Nepal. After 11th century it started to crumble and independent khas empire was established by Nagaraj in karnali and Bheri area. The original kushan empire fell to Turks in 12th century and later those people converted to islam.

    Going throuhg history of Genghis Khan and mangolia I found a tribe called kerait in Mangolia which had last names like khambu. Is there any link between kirant and kerait?? It’s really a matter of discussion.
    Jay Nepal.

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